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Why Buy Term Life Insurance?


  • It’s affordable. You pay only for the protection you choose.

  • You want your family to maintain their standard of living after you’re gone.

  • You want to ensure that your children are able to afford post-secondary education after you're gone.

  • You’d like your family home to stay with the family after you have passed on.

  • You’ve recently married, become a parent, started a business,
    or taken out a mortgage or loan.

  • You're looking for a cost-effective alternative to mortgage insurance.

  • You want to protect the value of your estate.

  • You recognize that life insurance is an important part of financial planning.

  • You do not want to burden your family with debts or funeral costs when you pass on.

  • You recognize that most families rely on two incomes to survive these days.

  • You know that term life coverage provides you with exceptional value for your insurance dollar.

Mortgage payments. Loans. Utility and credit card bills. Groceries. Expenses can add up very quickly, especially when an income is lost. So please take a moment to carefully consider how much Term Life Insurance coverage your family may need to maintain their lifestyle, should the unthinkable happen to you or your spouse. Get an application, complete it and return it to Manulife today.