Change is a part of life.
Change is inevitable and can be positive, often leading to new and interesting paths in life. However, when a change also involves the loss of your group life insurance coverage, whether through a career change, retirement or job loss, it can quickly compromise your peace-of-mind and your family’s future financial security.

It doesn’t matter whether you are just starting out, raising a family or entering your mature years. Having adequate life insurance is critical. And when your group life insurance coverage ends, it may be difficult for you to find affordable life insurance to replace it, due to your age or health…

The FollowMe™ Life insurance plan is the simple, economical solution.

Understanding how important life insurance is to you and your family, the FollowMe™ Life insurance plan was specifically designed to start once your group life coverage stops. Best of all, completion of a medical questionnaire is not required – as long as you apply within 60 days of your group life insurance ending!

Currently not available to residents of Quebec.