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Manulife Financial University of Toronto Alumni
Insurance Plans

Income Protection
Protect your earning power

If an illness or accident makes you unable to continue working, how will you be able to support your family? How long will your savings last with daily expenses that can now include those related to your recovery?

Income Protection insurance protects your most valuable asset — your earning power.

Alumni Members can receive up to $3,500 in monthly disability payments to replace lost income at a time when it matters most.

Choice of waiting periods. Choose from 30, 120 or 180 days so you can decide how long you can take care of expenses on your own before your monthly benefits begin. The longer the waiting period you choose, the lower the premiums you pay.

Premiums waived. If you become totally disabled before age 65, the Income Protection premiums falling due after the waiting period will be waived while you are disabled.

Plan basics
How to make the most of this Plan:

How much you can purchase
Total Disability benefit payment
Partial Disability benefit payment
Optional Cost of Living Adjustment

Don’t forget to read the fine print:

Limitations and exclusions

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