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Major Accident Protection
Relief from the financial pain of injuries

Accidents happen. If they do, financial relief can help take your mind off the immediate costs of an injury — so you can cope better during a very trying time.

Major Accident Protection helps offset the cost of rehabilitation and other expenses in case of an accident resulting in death or affecting your physical abilities.

Alumni Members can receive a lump-sum amount of up to $300,000, with premiums starting at just $1.50 a month (up to age 69).

Two coverages in one. Major Accident Protection combines Major Impairment coverage with Accidental Death coverage. Coverage starts at $50,000 for Major Impairment plus $10,000 for Accidental Death.

What’s covered? The Accidental Death benefit is payable in the event of an accident resulting in death. The Major Impairment benefit will be based on the amount of coverage purchased and the extent of the loss, as summarized below:

Major Impairment covered losses
Amount payable*
per $50,000 coverage
Brain damage
Total & permanent paralysis
Loss of use of two limbs
Total & permanent loss of sight, speech or hearing
Loss of use of one limb, one hand or one foot
Total & permanent loss of sight in one eye or hearing in one ear
Accidental Death benefit
Loss of life

* If an accident results in more than one covered loss, the total benefit amount payable is subject to a maximum of $50,000 per $50,000 of Major Impairment coverage purchased.

Don’t forget to read the fine print:

Limitations and exclusions

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