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Get a quote for Term Life
Simply make your choices from the options below to get a quick no-obligation quote. If you’re not sure how much Term Life coverage your family may need, please consult our Needs Calculator.
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Term Life Insurance
  1. Eligibility Requirements: Alumni Members are eligible to apply for Term Life insurance. Members may apply for coverage for their spouse if Members are applying or are already covered. Each person applying must be resident in Canada and under 71 years of age.
  2. Date of Birth: Date of Birth, provided above, will be used to calculate Age. “Age” for the purpose of the policy is attained age at the beginning of each Policy Anniversary date of October 1st.
  3. Non-Smoker: Non-smoker rates are available to people who have not smoked cigarettes in the past 12 months and who meet Manulife Financial’s health standards.
  4. Monthly Premium: Premium rates may change at the Policy Anniversary date of October 1st. Provincial taxes may apply.
  5. Rate Reduction for Volume Purchase: A 10% rate reduction is applied when Term Life coverage equals $280,000 or more per person.
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