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Catastrophic Health

Chances are, the cost of everyday health care won’t ruin you financially. The escalating expenses associated with a catastrophic accident, a chronic medical condition or a critical illness, on the other hand, could do just that. That’s where your CPA Select Catastrophic Health Insurance comes into play. It’s like having an emergency back-up fund when medical bills get out of hand.

CPA Select Catastrophic Health Insurance will "top up" your existing health insurance and/or CPA Select Critical Illness Insurance coverage. If you don’t have private insurance coverage, the CPA Select Catastrophic Health Insurance Plan can help protect your assets from being drained by significant medical costs.

You continue to cover your health care costs as usual, through an existing health plan or out of your pocket. But when your expenses grow to exceed the preset maximums, CPA Select Catastrophic Health Insurance kicks in to help you cover the remainder of your medical bills!

Plan Basics

You, your spouse and your adult children, aged 21 to 64, are eligible to apply for coverage – and stay covered for life.

An individual who is covered (or applying for coverage) under this Plan can apply to extend coverage to their dependent children aged 0 to 20 years, as well. All applicants must be covered under a government health plan. Coverage is not available to members who reside in Quebec or Bermuda.

CPA Select Catastrophic Health Insurance pays the following benefits: More

Plan Features

Health Service Navigator® (included at no extra cost)
With Health Service Navigator(HSN), you and your family members can quickly and easily get answers to your medical questions and access to support services. And access isn’t dependent upon making a claim – it’s available immediately not only for you the insured, but for all of your eligible family members too!

Available on-line or by calling a dedicated representative - You can receive information, medical coordination services and resources on how to navigate the Canadian health care system. And, if you want a second opinion from a world-class hospital, Health Service Navigator will help you get it too.

Health Service Navigator is managed by a team of professionals, so you can be sure that the information and resources it provides are credible and current.

How Health Service Navigator can help you and your family

World-Class Medical Second Opinions
Medical Coordination Services

For more information, visit

Hide details for Coverage That Goes Where You GoCoverage That Goes Where You Go

CPA Select Catastrophic Health Insurance is not tied to any employer or other benefit plan – so it can go with you from job to job.

Hide details for Coverage You Can Keep for LifeCoverage You Can Keep for Life

Once insured under CPA Select Catastrophic Health Insurance, you can keep your coverage – regardless of your age or changes in your health.

Hide details for Coverage for Your Children and GrandchildrenCoverage for Your Children and Grandchildren

You can extend CPA Select Catastrophic Health coverage to your dependent children. As long as you remain eligible to apply for coverage under the Plan, your adult children (over age 20), whether or not they reside with you, can apply for coverage too. In fact, your adult children can extend coverage, in turn, to their dependent children.

Plan Rates

If you are self-employed or own your own business, the premiums you pay for CPA Select Catastrophic Health Insurance may qualify as tax-deductible business expenses under Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) guidelines or you may be able to claim them as medical expenses on your personal income tax return.

When any two adults apply for coverage at the same time, they could save up to 17% per person, thanks to the special Couple Rate!

See the rates that apply to you.


All applicants for CPA Select Catastrophic Health Insurance must be 21 to 64 years of age, be resident in Canada but not resident in Quebec, and be covered under a government health plan. More

Limitations and Exclusions

Any benefits paid to individuals covered under CPA Select Catastrophic Health Insurance are subject to the following limitations and exclusions: More

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