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Child Life & Accident Insurance
If something happens to your child, expenses should be the last thing on your mind. After all, you want to be able to focus on care and support. In the event that a serious accident strikes your child, CPA Select Child Life & Accident Insurance will help ensure that financial considerations don’t add to your family’s burden.

Child Life & Accident Insurance is available to members and spouses covered under the Term Life Plan. It combines Major Impairment accident insurance with Life Insurance – covering all of your eligible dependent children for one low premium.

Plan Basics
Child Life & Accident Insurance provides coverage for all your eligible dependent children as follows:
  • Select Major Impairment accident coverage of up to $250,000 (combined with up to $50,000 of Life Insurance). Coverage is available in increments of $50,000 of Major Impairment Benefit plus $10,000 of Life Insurance.
  • Eligible children are covered automatically from birth up to Age 21 (or up to Age 25 if attending school or university full time).
Plan Features
This coverage includes the following special features at no additional cost:

One Monthly Premium Covers All Children

New Dependents Automatically Covered

Coverage Available With No Medical Questions to Answer

Receiving Benefits
This coverage includes both a Life Insurance benefit and a Major Impairment benefit. The Life Insurance benefit is payable in the event of death from any cause. The Major Impairment benefit is payable in the event of an accident resulting in severe brain damage, paralysis or loss of use of limbs, as summarized in the table of Major Impairment Benefits Payable.

Plan Rates
See the rates that apply to you.

To apply for Child Life & Accident Insurance for your eligible child(ren), you must be covered by or applying for Member or Spouse Term Life Insurance. More

Limitations and Exclusions
To qualify for payment under the Plan, a Major Impairment must occur within three months after the accident and the child must survive the accident for at least 30 days. Any loss of use must be permanent, total and irreversible to be covered.

For the first 14 days of life, the benefit payable under this Plan is limited to $5,000 of Life Insurance, regardless of the amount of insurance in force.

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