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NEW! Lower Term Life Insurance rates coming soon!
Check here May 1, 2014.

Term Life Insurance for Members and Spouses

Members can select coverage of $50,000 to $2,000,000 in increments of $25,000 each for themselves and for their spouses. Coverage ends at Age 85.

Preferred Rates:
If you apply for $125,000 or more of new or additional Term Life coverage and are in exceptional health, you may qualify for Preferred Rates of 5% to 25% less than the usual rates. You don't have to apply for Preferred Rates. Manulife Financial's underwriters will automatically assess your application and notify you if you qualify.

Future Insurability Option:
You and your spouse can select the Future Insurability Option (FIO) when first applying for Term Life if under Age 51. Your FIO option allows you or your spouse to increase your Term Life coverage as many as five times, without further medical underwriting, for up to $250,000 more coverage in total.

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Rate Chart - Term Life

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