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The benefits of Critical Illness Insurance

You and your spouse can apply for coverage from $25,000 to $250,000 in $25,000 increments. The Critical Illness benefit is payable after a 30-day survival period (90-day waiting period in the case of a life-threatening cancer) following the first diagnosis of a specified covered condition or any such longer period as specified in the Policy.

Bridges the gap in your other coverage

  • Critical Illness Insurance can pay for anything you choose, while your provincial health insurance pays only your basic health care bills.
  • Critical Illness Insurance is paid in addition to any other coverage you have, whereas any additional health insurance you may have pays only the balance of your basic health care (minus your deductibles and co-payments), subject to approval and certain lifetime maximums.
  • Critical Illness Insurance is paid regardless of your income or your ability to work, whereas disability insurance pays a portion of your income to cover regular monthly expenses if a disability leaves you unable to work for a specific period.
  • Critical Illness Insurance is paid directly to you, while you are alive, whereas life insurance pays your beneficiary if you die.
10% savings on $125,000 or more
For purchases of Critical Illness coverage of $125,000 or more per policy, a 10% reduction will apply to all of that person's Critical Illness coverage under this Plan.

Return of Premium Upon Death
If the insured individual dies while his or her coverage is still in force, and has not received (or is not eligible for) a payment of the Critical Illness benefit, a death benefit will be payable to the estate of that individual. This death benefit will be equal to 100% of the premium paid for that individual's coverage under this Plan, up to the date of their death.

All applicants must be between the ages of 18 and 65, inclusive, and resident in Canada. Once covered under the Plan, you can keep the Critical Illness coverage to age 70.

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