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One low monthly premium covers all your eligible children

Even better, children insured under this rider who apply within 60 days of their 25th birthday will be able to convert their coverage to a Manulife Financial Term Life individual insurance policy, without medical evidence, to a maximum of $100,000 – ensuring their future insurability – regardless of their health!

Child Life
  • The Child Life Coverage option protects all of your eligible children with $10,000 of insurance each, subject to underwriting approval.
  • For only $2.25 per month, you can cover all of your eligible children under this benefit – regardless of how many you have – for the full coverage amount.
  • Once this coverage is in place, additional newborn children are automatically covered upon reaching the age of 15 days, at no additional cost! Simply provide Manulife Financial with their names and dates of birth.

To apply for Child Life Coverage for your eligible child(ren), you or your spouse must be covered under the Term Life Insurance plan. Eligible children must be unmarried, dependent on you for support, and under 21 years of age (21 years and over but less than 25 years of age if attending school or university full time.)

To add Child Life Coverage to your Term Life Insurance plan, get an application, complete it and return it to Manulife Financial today.

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