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Information regarding your insurability will be treated as confidential. The Insurer or its reinsurers may, however make a brief report on it to MIB, Inc., formerly known as the Medical Information Bureau, a non-profit membership organization of insurance companies which operates an insurance information exchange on behalf of its members. If you apply to another MIB member company for life or health insurance coverage, or a claim for benefits is submitted to such a company, MIB, upon request, will supply such company with the information about you in its file. Upon receipt of a request from you, MIB will arrange disclosure of any information in your file. Please contact MIB at 416-597-0590. If you question the accuracy of the information in MIB’s file, you may contact MIB and seek a correction. The address of MIB’s information office is: 330 University Avenue, Suite 501, Toronto, Ontario M5G 1R7. Information for consumers about MIB may be obtained on its web site at

The specific and detailed information requested on the application form is required to process the application. To protect the confidentiality of this information, Manulife will establish a "financial services file" from which this information will be used to process the application, offer and administer services and process claims. Access to this file will be restricted to those Manulife employees, mandataries, administrators or agents who are responsible for the assessment of risk (underwriting), marketing and administration of services and the investigation of claims, and to any other person you authorize or as authorized by law. These people, organizations and service providers may be in jurisdictions outside Canada, and subject to the laws of those foreign jurisdictions. Your consent to the use of personal information to offer you products and services is optional and if you wish to discontinue such use, you may write to Manulife at the address shown below. Your file is secured in our offices or those of our administrator or agent. You may request to review the personal information it contains and make corrections by writing to: Privacy Officer, Manulife, P.O. Box 1602, Del. Stn 500-4-A, Waterloo, ON, N2J 4C6.

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