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Term Life Insurance Plan

Term insurance is popular for a good reason: it typically offers the greatest coverage for the lowest cost, allowing you to buy more coverage than you could otherwise afford on a limited budget.

It is also a smarter option to mortgage insurance – Term Life lets you choose your own beneficiary, does not reduce your coverage as you pay off your mortgage, and lets you keep your coverage even if you switch banks at renewal time.

TIP: Even if you’re already covered at work, keep in mind that most employer plans end when you change jobs. Engineers Term Life is not tied to your employer so you stay covered even if you change jobs or move to anywhere in the world (as long as you remain a member of your professional association).

Extended coverage you can rely on all the way to age 85!
With increases in the average life expectancy, many engineers are discovering the need to extend their financial protection later in life. But health issues may make it difficult to obtain affordable life insurance at a later age. To meet that need, the Engineers Canada-sponsored Term Life Plan now offers extended protection. This Plan is guaranteed renewable, regardless of your health, for the full amount of your coverage right up until your 85th birthday!

Volume savings make coverage more affordable.
We offer coverage of up to $1,500,000 for you and for your eligible spouse. Choose the amount that best meets your needs. If you choose coverage of $500,000 or more per person you save 5% off the total premium. If you choose coverage of $1,000,000 or more you save 10%!

Added benefits
Unique features make this coverage more valuable:

Living Benefit

Waiver of premium

Portable coverage


Enjoy optional premium-free coverage beyond age 85
For just pennies more a month, add the Insurance Continuation benefit to the Member and Spouse Term Life coverage you buy. Then, at age 85 when your Term Life coverage ends, Insurance Continuation coverage will replace it with up to $150,000 in life insurance, premium-free for the rest of your life. Here's how it works: more...

All applicants must be resident in Canada and under 71 years of age, or up to 75 years of age if already insured under this coverage. The following individuals are eligible to apply: more...

See the rates that apply to you.

Limitations and exclusions
Suicide within 2 years of the effective date of the insured’s coverage, or any increase in coverage, is a risk not covered. Please see the Certificate of Insurance for other limitations that may apply.

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Engineers Canada-sponsored insurance plans are underwritten by The Manufacturers Life Insurance Company (Manulife Financial).