Term 100 Life Insurance

Term 100 Life Insurance Lifetime protection for your family’s financial future

Life insurance for the Canadian Armed Forces community

Term 100 Life Insurance provides you the coverage you need, for life.

  • Lifetime protection

    Coverage for life as long as you pay your premiums.

  • Premiums never increase

    Premiums remain the same for the duration of the entire policy.

What benefits & features are included?

won’t change

Guaranteed to pay the same rates until age 100.

Coverage for life

Coverage doesn't expire unless you cancel it or don't pay your premiums. Otherwise, you're protected for life.

Choose from
four coverage options

$25,000; $50,000;
$75,000; or $100,000


Coverage goes with you if you change jobs or residence anywhere in the world.

30-day satisfaction guarantee

A full refund within 30 days of purchase if you're not completely satisfied.

You should also know...

Who is eligible?

Members of the Canadian Armed Forces community (serving, retired or released), their spouses and adult children can apply from age 18 to 70, as long as they're Canadian residents at time of application.

No medical tests are normally required at the time of application. If the applicant is age 64 and under and can answer "no" to the simple medical questions, they may not have to undergo a paramedical / medical tests at the time of application.

What are the limitations & exclusions?

There’s just one exclusion: Suicide within two years of the effective date of coverage. In this case, your beneficiary (or your estate, if you don’t choose a beneficiary) will receive a refund of all premiums paid.

Who is the beneficiary?

A beneficiary is the person (or people), trust or institution that you designate as the recipient of your coverage amount. In Quebec, a beneficiary designation in favour of a spouse is irrevocable unless otherwise stated.

Customer Service

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