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Welcome, University of Waterloo Alumni!

Manulife (The Manufacturers Life Insurance Company) has created this centre exclusively for University of Waterloo alumni like you.

We offer it as a convenient way for you to investigate and apply on-line for the protection your alumni office recommends.

Review the Choices: Consider these low-cost plans for the affordable coverage you need.

Evaluate Your Protection Needs: Use our interactive worksheet as a guide to determine what it would take to protect the financial well-being of your family.

Calculate the Cost: See how little it will take to afford the level of protection you need.

Apply for Coverage: Choose the coverage that fits your needs, then apply directly from this site - quickly and at your convenience.

Put Us at Your Service: If you are already a client of the University of Waterloo Alumni Plan, you can submit customer service requests on-line, or send us questions or feedback you may have about our products and services.

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